Gluten Free Bisquick as low as $2.97/Box!

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Amazon has a great deal on gluten free Bisquick when you subscribe and save!  They also have a $3.00 coupon you can use at checkout.  So, you choose subscribe and save for $11.91/3 boxes, check out and your $3.00 coupon comes off your total making this $8.91/3 boxes or $2.97 a box!  I had some sort of reward credit and my total came to $0 so I ordered another 3 boxes and still had some reward so my total came to $3.30!  So, 6 boxes of gluten free Bisquick for $3.30.  Now that's a deal! 

Let me know what kind of a deal you get on this!


Gluten Free Pantry Muffin & Scone Mix as Low as $.64/box!

gluten free pantry

Right now on Amazon, you can get this Gluten Free Pantry Muffin and Scone mix for as cheap as $.64/box!  You buy a 6 pack for $3.81.   This is a STEAL of a deal!  I normally don't buy box mixes because I can make them from scratch for cheaper, but not with deals like this!  I just bought 2 six pack boxes!  Yay!  We should be stocked for a while.  Shipping is FREE with a $25 order.   You can go in with a friend so shipping is free! 

Publix Gluten Free Deals Starting 6/20


Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 14.5 to 18 oz, BOGO $4.99
$1/2 Tostitos Dip AND Tortilla Chips, 15 oz+dip, 10 oz+ chips
-$1/2 Sabra Salsa or Guacamole, any variety WYB Tostitos Artisan Recipe Chips, any 9.75oz+ – found on Tostitos Artisan Chips peelie (exp 9/30/2012)
-$.55/2 Tostitos Dip, any 15 oz +, WYB Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any 9 oz+ (Limit one coupon per customer)
tearpad (exp 7/1/2012)
-Free Tostitos Salsa, any 15 1/2 oz or smaller WYB two (2) Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any 9 oz or larger – valid up to $3.49 tear pad (exp 7/30/2012)
-$.50/2 Produce, any WYB Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips or Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any 9 oz or larger tear pad (exp 7/16/2012)

Hershey’s Nuggets, 10.5 to 12 oz, BOGO $3.99

Mt Olive Pickles or Pepper Paks, 16 to 46 oz or 4 pk, BOGO $3.09
-$0.55/1 Mt. Olive Product, any Tear Pad
-$1/1 Mt. Olive Product, Any One (DND9) hangtag (exp 12/31/2012)

Del Monte Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, BOGO $.69

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, 2 x 7.5 oz or 8 to 16 oz, BOGO $2.45
-$1/2 Fresh Produce, Any (1) WYB I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spray, Any (1) hangtag (exp 6/26/2012)

Claussen Pickles, 20 to 32 oz, BOGO $3.49
-$0.75/2 Claussen Pickles 04/29/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/24/2012)

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, 7 to 10 oz (Excluding Asparagus Cuts) BOGO $1.99
-$1/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables – 5/20/2012 SS (exp 7/14/2012)

Fresh Express Salad Blends, 5 to 12 oz, BOGO $3.99
-$1.50/2 Fresh Express Salad Blends or Kits, any (DND) – found on bag of onions peelie (exp 7/31/2012)
-$1/1 Fresh Express Harvest Originals Salad, any (DND5) tear pad (exp 12/31/2012)
-$1/2 Fresh Express Salad Blends or Kits, any (DND9) tear pad (exp 1/31/2013)


Publix Yogurt, 6 oz, 20/$8

Egg Beaters, 15 to 16 oz, 3/$5

Publix Sour Cream, 16 oz, $1.25

Publix Shredded Cheese, 16 oz, $4.99
-$1 of Cheese Shreds Block or Cube (FL Only) printable

Publix Sliced Cheese, 6 or 8 oz, 2/$4

Boar’s Head American Cheese, (Excluding Boar’s Head Low Sodium Yellow and White Cheeses), $5.99/lb

Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham, $8.49/lb

Publix Premium Ice Cream, or Frozen Yogurt, or GreenWise Ice Cream, half gallon, 2/$6

Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Rice or Pasta Dinner, 5.2 to 8 oz, 10/$10
-$1/3 Zatarain’s Rice Mixes 04/15/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/31/2012)
-$0.50/2 Zatarain’s Rice Mixes 04/15/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/31/2012)

Del Monte Fruit or Fruit & Gel, 4 ct, 3/$5
-$2/2 Del Monte Fruit Cups, 4 pk, PUBLIX COUPON Publix, $5 Donation Sheets (exp 07/13/2012)
-$1/2 Del Monte Fruit Cups, 4 pk, PUBLIX COUPON Publix, $3 Donation Sheets (exp 07/13/2012)
-$0.55/2 Del Monte Fruit Cups, 4 pk, PUBLIX COUPON Publix Donation Sheets, $1 (exp 07/13/2012)
-$1/4 Del Monte Fruits, canned, 10 oz+, Fruit Cup Snacks, plastic 4 pk, 3.75 – 4 oz, OR Fruit Naturals Cups 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 08/05/2012)

Kellogg’s Cereal Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Fun Pak, Rice Krispies, or Spider Man Cereal, 8.56 to 15 oz, $1.99
$0.50/1 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond Cereal (if included)
$1/2 Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereals
$1/2 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz+ 06/03/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/15/2012)
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz+ 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/24/2012)

$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals

PET Evaporated Milk, 12 oz, $.99

Thanks to Michelle at I Heart Publix for the great deal matchups!  Check her site for the full match up!

Aldi Gluten Free Deals Starting 6/20


Blueberries $1.49/lb.

Strawberries $.99/lb

Cantaloupe $.99/ea.

Peaches, Plums, or Nectarines $.33/ea.

Avocados $.49/ea.

Sweet Corn $.99/20oz. pk. of 4


All Natural 85/15 Ground Beef Patties $8.99/3lb.

All Natural 80% Lean Ground Beef $2.99/lb.

Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Breasts $5.49/48oz.

Cattleman's Ranch Filet of Sirloin Steaks $6.99/24oz.

Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs $.99/lb.

Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Tenderloins $2.29/lb.

Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $.99/lb.

Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb.


Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1.99/28oz.

Happy Farms Cheese Singles $1.49/12oz.

Great Gherkins Kosher Dill Spears $1.19/24-32oz.

Great Gherkins Sweet Relish, Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices or Bread and Butter Pickle Chips $.99/16oz

Belmont Premium Ice Cream $2.69/48oz.

Pur Aqua Natural Spring Water $2.79/24 16.9oz. bottles

Pur Aqua Purified Drinking Water $2.29/24 16.9oz. bottles

Nature's Nectar All Natural Lemonade $1.99/59oz.

Nature's Nectar Fruit Punch $.99/64oz.

Infuse Thirst Quencher $3.99/eight 20 oz. bottles

Friendly Farms Whipped Dairy Topping $1.49/6.5oz.

Bakers's Corner Maraschino Cherries $1.29/10oz.

Things to remember about Aldi

  • Take a quarter for your cart
  • They take cash or debit card only
  • They do not take coupons
  • Bring your own bags
  • Check the products- they label gluten free!


Organic Blueberries $1.99/pint at Whole Foods Friday Only!

YES!  We are totally into blueberries right now!  Tomorrow at Whole Foods you can get organic blueberries for only $1.99 a pint!  Yahoo!  I just might save some for you ;).

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