Kind Bars and Granola Review


Have you ever had Kind granola?  Oh my are you missing out if you haven't!  I don't typically buy oats and foods that contain oats because my daughter cannot eat it, even gluten free.  I do believe this has made my weekly grocery list!  My other kids can eat oats and it has been amazing to watch them ask for this for breakfast and snacks!   This granola is absolutely amazing!  Oh and we also put it on our ice cream!! 

Kind Granola flavors are:

  Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters
Vanilla Blueberry Clusters with Flax Seeds
Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds
Maple Walnut Clusters with Chia & Quinoa
Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Clusters
Oats & Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut

We got to try the Cinnamon oat clusters with flax seeds and the dark chocolate and cranberry clusters.  It was a tough decision on which was best, but we really enjoyed the cinnamon oat clusters.  We would eat it straight up in a bowl with almond milk, or my favorite, on top of greek yogurt with fresh fruit.  This makes a great snack, or meal!  I love that it is so fresh and not processed. 

kind 2

We also got to try what seemed like every flavor Kind makes of the granola bars!  Our favorites were:  Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt, Fruit and nuts in yogurt, Fruit and nut delight, and peanut butter dark chocolate.  There was not one that we didn't like, we just liked these the best. 

  Some of the things that attract me to Kind bars:

They taste amazing and make a great snack leaving you feeling satisfied

They are 100% gluten free

Non GMO (yay!)


Low in sugar

High in fiber

High in protein (I love this for my little athletes who need a protein packed snack bar after their practices)

Kind bars are pretty much sold in any health food store, grocery stores, and online.  If your family can eat nuts, I would invite you to give Kind bars a try!  Let us know how you like them!

Disclosure:  Kind sent me a box of granola bars to try and some bags of granola in order to do a review of their product.  As always, thoughts and opinions are all my own. 




Rudi’s Gluten Free Spread the Bread Campaign and Giveaway!

As I shared with you earlier this month, Rudi's Gluten Free Bakery is Celebrating Celiac Awareness Month with their "Spread the Bread" campaign. 

What is this you ask?  Well…fans of Rudi’s Gluten-Free on Facebook will can select one of four celiac organizations (Celiac Disease Foundation, Celiac Sprue Association, Gluten Intolerance Group and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness) to receive a $1 donation from Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery.   This campaign runs through May 31st, so don't delay!  Their goal is $30,000!

As an added bonus, you can print a $1.00/1 coupon for any Rudi's gluten free product

It is a win-win situation.  This doesn't cost you anything!  You are helping to support some great organizations and getting a great coupon!

While on the topic of Rudi's, have you tried their new gluten free flour tortillas?  Oh my, only a touch of heaven!  Love them!  They were nice to send me a pack of all 3 flavors, plain, spinach, and fiesta!  They are so fresh.  They bend easily, no crusty edges.  We have enjoyed some amazing wraps lately with these.  One of our favorites is this quesadilla.  Simple and easy, yet so tastefully delicious!

We also made a yummy, simple spinach wrap with turkey, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, mayo and mustard.  Something about the green that my daughter will not go near, but I thought it tasted great.  It doesn't have a spinach taste to it.  Her favorite is definately the plain.  I preferred the fiesta and spinach.  The amazing thing to me about these wraps is each one has 5 grams of fiber!

  Hat's off to Rudi's for making another AMAZING gluten free product!

Now onto the GIVEAWAY!

Rudi's has offered to give one of my readers a nice prize pack like this:

  • Rudi's apron
  • Gluten Free on a Shoestring Cookbook by Nicole Hunn (my review here)
  • Free Rudi's gluten free product coupons
  • A reusable shopping bag
  • T-shirt
  • Bread clips



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Disclaimer: Rudi's sent me a 3 pack of their tortillas in order to write a review.  As always, thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

Bakery on Main $1.00/1 and See How to Get Free Samples!

Bakery on Main has a new $1.00/1 coupon available!

Bakery on Main is also now selling all their products on  They would love for you to leave an honest review of their products and as a thanks will reward you with free samples!

Here is how it works:

As a token of our thanks, we would love to send you a free sample:

*1-2 reviews: Free bag of Gluten free granola

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After you have reviewed thier products, go here and let them know which products you reviewed!

Review: Annie’s Gluten Free Products

I am so thankful for companies like Annie's.  They make great kid friendly foods without sacrificing nutrition.  We got to try this macaroni and cheese recently and have become totally spoiled by it!  The consistancy of the noodles is great.  They don't get mushy, they have a nice texture.  Then, the convenience of this great box!  Oh, how I have missed convenience!  I have just gotten so used to having to make all my foods from scratch.  This was great.  We had it for lunch.  All I had to do was cook the noodles, drain, and mix in the cheese packet.  Just like regular mac and cheese!  We felt so "normal" Lol!  Happy kids because it tastes great!  Happy mommy because Gluten Free, 0g Trans Fat, Good Source of Protein, Good Source of Calcium, Good Source of Vitamin B6, Vegetarian Grown, and processed without GMOs 🙂


We also got to try these fabulous bunny cookies, which we have eaten a number of times before.  These are a staple product around here.  They are a great quick and easy snack.  Makes my kid feel normal! 


What kids don't like a fruit snack?  My kids love them–these are so soft, and fresh tasting.  What a mommy loves about them:  Certified organic, made with real fruit juice and packed with 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C.

Annie's has such a great variety of gluten free products.  Pretty much all of them are very kid friendly.  If you are looking for some gluten free products to satisfy your kids needs to feel "normal", without sacrficing nutrition and health, these products are great!

What's to love about Annie's?  Besides the fact that their products make me happy to be gluten free?

Annie’s uses only non-GMO ingredients

Annie's strongly supports organic and sustainable farming because it is better for consumers, farmers, and the environment.

Annie's says “yes” to ingredients that come straight from nature, and “no” to icky additives, pesticides and artificial colors

Disclosure:  Annie's sent me a package of several of their products in order to try them and give them a proper review.  As always, thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


Review: Marvelous Foods


We got home from our vacation last night and there was a package from Marvelous Foods waiting on us.  It was really great timing because last week we were out of power for 3 days and then left for vacation for 4 days.  I came home to no food in the fridge to feed the kiddos for breakfast Monday.  They were so excited to see a package of gluten free goodies to try!  They sent us a package of the chocolate muffins.  They were very good.  They were moist and fresh tasting.  All the kids liked them so much.  I had left the kitchen and when I came back, this is what I found written on the package:

In case you can’t see, it says “that kids everywhere go crazy for”

“yum yum, delicious delights”

” Best thing I have ever tasted”  from the mouth of my 10 year old celiac.

As a mom, I was very excited that not only did these taste so good, but they are free of gluten, wheat, dairy (casein and lactose), eggs, soy, nuts, fish, corn, yeast, artificial dyes, and colors,  and artificial preservatives.

Every serving has a full days worth of omega 3 ,6, and 9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A

They also have a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each serving (2 muffins)

To add icing to the cake, they are also made in a dedicated gluten free facility!

Healthy, gluten free, fabulous tasting and good for the kids!

Disclaimer:  Marvelous Foods sent me 1 package of their muffins in order to try and give a review.  As always, thoughts and opinions are all my own!

Fuel Pizza Night in Charlotte, N.C.



We visited this place called Fuel Pizza in Charlotte, N.C. while we were on our journey to Washington D.C.  It was recommended from fellow blogger, Pam from I’m a Celiac.  We were not too adventurous with our choice of toppings.  My daughter wanted Hawaiian.  So, I agreed and we had pineapple and ham on it.  It was good for a gluten free pizza.   It is really hard to top the new gluten free pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  We had just recently had one from there, so I am not sure this is fair to Fuel.  It was a really good pizza.  Just a little more pricey for what you get.

PF Changs Review

***I wrote this immediately after this happened, and forgot about it.  Sorry.  This was back when the tornados happened.
Last night we had to go out to eat again due to the power.  It was a weird day.  We had gotten our power back on around 10 am.  I went to get some lunch stuff at the grocery.  Then around 2pm I went to my friend’s house about 25 min. or so from my house to get my food that I had stored in her freezer.  Then off to my mother in law’s to get the rest of my refridgerated food.  By the time I got home, the food from my friend’s house had been in the car for about an hour and a half.  I got home, and yep, you guessed it, no power J.  So, I had to take the food to my dad’s house and unload it in his freezer.  Got home from there an hour later and yep, you guessed it, my power was back on J  this is how my week has been since last Wednesday at 5am.  I am definitely not complaining.  Just thought you might find that hysterical.  Ok, so to say all that, after the hours I spent loading and unloading food everywhere, I decided I didn’t feel up to starting to cook dinner at 6:30 at night.  So off we went…..
My husband met us at PF Changs, one of our favorites for gluten free eating.   By the time we got there, he had already ordered our food and the gluten free lettuce wraps were already sitting on the table.  This was such a nice treat from the craziness of my day.  After we finished our wraps, our gluten free chicken fried rice showed up.  It was so good.  Our waiter was very friendly, helpful and cautious.  All our sauces at the table were gluten free as to not get it mixed up.  They bring your gluten free foods out on a PF Changs plate so that you know that your meal has been prepared gluten free.  I ALWAYS ask to be sure the food is gluten free.  We did have an experience once that our food was brought out on regular plates and I asked to be sure it was gluten free.  My husband said, “Jenny, we told them gluten free, I am sure it is fine.”  Come to find out, it was not gluten free, they had brought out the wrong plates to our table.  NEVER feel bad about double checking.  We are only human, and mistakes can be made.
Last night’s waiter was so nice.  He was a diabetic, so was very nice to my daughter and made her feel special.  He knows what it is like to not be able to have the foods others are eating.  He brought her out their new triple chocolate mousse to have, just for her.   The manger thanked us on our way out and spoke with us for a while about their gluten free menu.  It was a good experience.  We don’t eat out much, but this is one of the restaurants we normally go to and feel safe at.


***This was our experience with this restaurant.  As always, I would love to hear your experiences as well.  Remember that unless you are eating at a totally gluten free restaurant, you always run the risk of contamination.  There is always the chance that you may get an employee that is not as familiar with the gluten free diet.  If you are uncomfortable, be sure to ask to speak with a manager.


California Pizza Kitchen Review


One of the nights that we were without power from the tornado, we decided to try out California Pizza Kitchen’s Gluten Free Menu.  It was totally amazing to say the least!  We totally enjoyed every minute of our experience.  All of the staff was knowledgeable about the gluten free menu from the hostess to the waiter.  It made me feel completely at ease about letting my daughter eat the food from there.  When we entered, I immediately asked about the gluten free menu.  The hostess was very helpful and understood the seriousness of not eating ANY gluten.  She showed me around the menu and how to find all their gluten free options.
Once we were seated, I immediately told the waiter about needing to be gluten free and to be sure that they were extra careful because even a crumb will make my daughter sick.  He made me feel comfortable right away because he knew what I was talking about.  He didn’t look at me like he had no idea what in the world I was talking about.  He was confident that they would be sure not to contaminate any of the gluten free food.  He told me that the chef’s had special training and instruction and when preparing a gluten free order they were using every precaution.  Before even ordering, I LOVED my experience!
We ordered a gluten free salad to start.  It was good.  Pretty simple, but it tasted good.  Then my husband got the chipotle gluten free pizza and my daughter got the Hawaiian gluten free pizza.  She was in gluten free heaven!  Totally enjoyed the pizza.  It was about the size of a large dinner plate.  The pizza was thin crust (they all are) and crispy.  It was amazing.  Very good pizza.   We had to go out to eat again last night due to the power and my daughter asked to go to California Pizza Kitchen again.  LOL!
We will definitely be visiting again there soon.  One of our favorite places to eat gluten free at this point, that is for sure!  I have heard that they are testing this gluten free pizza only in the Alabama area.  Please try it and let them know what you think so they will carry it EVERYWHERE!
***This was our experience with this restaurant.  As always, I would love to hear your experiences as well.  Remember that unless you are eating at a totally gluten free restaurant, you always run the risk of contamination.  There is always the chance that you may get an employee that is not as familiar with the gluten free diet.  If you are uncomfortable, be sure to ask to speak with a manager.  It seems that the Birmingham, Galleria location has trained their staff well!  Thanks for the great gluten free experience!

Gluten Free on a Shoestring Cookbook Review & Giveaway

Gluten Free on a Shoestring is one of the newest gluten free cookbooks available.  Just released this year!  It is so neat how each cookbook out there is so different and has something unique to offer.  Gluten Free on a Shoestring has 125 easy recipes that you can make inexpensively.  Yes, gluten free and inexpensive.  Both in the same sentence!
What is unique to me about this cookbook is not only recipes that are quick and easy, which is fabulous in my crazy busy world, but that Nicole shows us the savings on many of the meals.  For example:  For her dinner rolls, she gives us all ingredients, step by step instructions, and that by making them myself, I am paying about .27 cents a roll vs. $1.87 a roll if purchased frozen.  One of my favorite sections in the book to help with this is “What to Buy and From Where”.   She tells you important pantry staples and what to buy weekly at the store….AND where to purchase these items from!  How great is that?  There are even checklists.
We have made several of these recipes, but one of our favorites are the popovers.  It is what is on the front cover of the cookbook.  Nicole’s turned out so much prettier than mine did!  I made mine in a muffin pan because I don’t own a popover pan.  It was so delicious!  We ate them with dinner, then had some leftover that my daughter ate in the morning with a little butter and honey on it.  They were so quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.  Many of Nicole’s recipes call for a gluten free flour.  I used my all purpose gluten free flour to make this recipe.
If you are looking for a new cookbook, I highly recommend this one.  I was very impressed with all the recipes, but also all the wonderful money saving tips and strategies for gluten free living.   A must try!  While you are out, look for it in your stores and see what you think!  If you have it already, I would love to hear what your favorite recipes are!
When Nicole’s publisher offered me a chance to offer one of my readers a copy of this cookbook, I jumped on it!  I hope you take the time to get your name in the running as many times as you can!


One lucky reader from Gluten Free Birmingham will win a copy of this awesome cookbook!

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Giveaway ends April 17th 10pm cst


Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this cookbook in order to review it.   As always, all opinions and comments are my own.

Book Review: Gluten Free Storage It’s In the Bag

I was talking to a friend recently who told me of a book she had purchased called It’s in the Bag.  She continued to tell me that this author, Michelle and Trent Snow also made a book called Gluten-Free Food Storage It’s In the Bag.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to review this book.  It includes over 100 gluten free recipes for storable meals!

The idea of this book is that after all that hard work of coupon clipping and purchasing a nice stockpile of food, go ahead and put meals together in a bag completely ready to make.  I love this idea!  It is ideal for several reasons.

1.  At the end of the day, if you are not a meal planner, you get to the 4 or 5 o’clock hour wondering what in the world you are going to cook for dinner.  It has been a long day and you can hardly think straight.  Ever have one of those days?  I have waaaaay too many of those.  This is great, you just walk to your food storage area and pull a bag meal off the shelf and you have everything you need right there.

2.  There has been a situation and you either have a sick child, have to work late, are at the doctor’s office with one of the children and your husband is at home with hungry kids and no dinner made.  Relax!  This is easy for dad too!  All he has to do is go to the food storage area and pull a meal off the shelf and everything he needs is right there!  No digging through cabinets trying to find spices or anything.  It is all in the bag!

3.  I am a nurse and work every other week, 3 nights and for whatever reason I have a horrible time planning for this.  I always have enough food in the house that I can throw together a meal, but with this method of food storage, even my 10 year old could put dinner together.

4.  Emergency situations.  There could be a time when we have a major disaster happen.  Are you prepared?   This could be one way you could prepare.  Even if you only have 10-20 bagged meals.  The author has a 16ft. x4ft. space that contains–422 bagged meals!

So, what’s in the bag, you ask?

With this method of storage, you are going to be a little more limited in what meals you can plan, just by the simple method of how you are storing these meals.

Let’s use an example recipe they have in the book for White Chicken Chilli

In the Bag: 2 cans chicken meat  or 1 quart of home-canned chicken breast

4 cups of water (in the form of a water bottle)

2 cans great northern beans

1 can diced green chilies

1 can evaporated milk

In a resealable bag (ziplock)

4 gluten free chicken bouillon cubes

1/3 cup dried onions

1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. oregano

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

***Items to have on hand if you can (to make a richer chili)

1 cup sour cream

1 pint whipping cream

So you include a recipe card in a cd sleeve attached to the bag.  You have everything you need in the bag.  Throw all these items in a heavy saucepan and you are good to go!
This book is full of helpful resources besides all the great recipes!  It has weights and measures, common ingredient solutions, food equivalencies, how to can, and so much more!
Disclosure:  I was given this cook book in order to write this review.  As always, opinions and thoughts are all my own.
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