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Review: Keeping His Way Pure E-Book

I know this is not a typical review/giveaway for my blog.  I usually try to just keep this blog gluten free, books, recipes, and so forth.  I have to make an exception here.  Keeping His Way Pure is just too good to not share with you!   This book was written by my best friend, Tammy Wollner.   It is so worth every penny!  I am so thankful she has written it, as it has helped guide me with my little man.

I have one boy.  One, 8 year old boy.  God has given him to me for such a short period of time.  What I do with this time is up to me.  I feel such a weight of responsibility with him to prepare him for adulthood.  To be a good Christian man.  One who knows who he is in Christ and how to stand up for what he believes in.  I have to prepare him to be a Godly husband and father through what he learns from me and my husband.  It is not a light subject.  It is very serious.  Can I do this on my own?  Absolutely not!  I need all the help I can get.  I need to spend much time on my face in prayer.  I need my Bible.   I need Keeping His Way Pure to help guide me in reminders of how I can do this through scripture. 

Keeping His Way Pure is jam packed with reminders of what our biblical responsibilities are as parents.   It is an amazingly easy read.  I was able to read it outloud to my husband on a roadtrip to Huntsville.  It took me about an hour and a half.  Something you could easily tackle during naptime, but something you can continue to reference on a daily basis to help you Keep His Way Pure.  Even my husband is being challenged by this book.    Tammy gives you a specific prayer that you can insert your child's name to pray.  She makes it so easy for you.  There are scripture verses for your child to memorize.  She talks in the book about how important it is to fill his heart and mind with the Word of God.  We already know this, but what a great encouraging reminder.  I have downloaded this to my kindle and am so glad I have this at my fingertips.

This book is not just another book that you will read and then put away and not ever read again.  This is a book that will help guide you with your son on a daily basis.  I hope you will help us spread the word about Keeping His Way Pure.  We are talking about future generations of men.   It is so very important that we do the very best we can as parents to raise up a future of Godly men who will lead their family and friends to more generations of Godly men.  Our boys are our hope for the future. 

This eBook offers a one year memorization key for three different age groups to make "hiding God's Word in their heart" easier for you, so you can spend your time praying for your children. If you utilize all the Scriptures, you will have three years of Scripture memorization at your fingertips!

Tammy is going to give 2 of my readers a free copy of Keeping His Way Pure.  Find out how by reading the rules above.

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