Great Gluten Free Expo 2013

I am looking into the future just a bit and trying to see what will happen for an expo for 2013.  The team we had for this year will not be the same for next year.  One of my partners, Christine from Birmingham Kids and Family, is going through major medical with her child, Brian.  He is having a stem cell transplant this summer at Duke University.  This will take them out of the picture for planning an expo for next year.  This is a major ordeal, so please keep them in your prayers, and if you feel led to make a donation to help with their major medical expensed they will incur, please do, they will be so appreciative!

I am writing this post to see who is willing and interested in helping to coordinate a Great Gluten Free Expo 2013.  To be honest, it is a big undertaking.  It obviously can be done, but I am looking for some real go-getters.  People that have a drive to keep going when it gets hard and you just don't want to hear no from one more person.  People who can push through that.  I am looking to make a team of at least 5-7 people who can help me pull this off.  These 5-7 people would be the team to put this thing together from start to finish.  

What would be involved for these people?

  • Regularly scheduled meetings for planning
  • Depending on what you would be in charge of, coordinating a team of your own to put on that event.  So, example, if you wanted to coordinate the Gala Dinner team, you would come up with a team of people to help you, you would, alongside me, come up with a theme, find a chef, help find a location to have the dinner, plan decorations, get sponsors, get foods donated, help with social media to promote, basically run the event.  This is just an example.  There is a lot of commitment here, but I would like you to understand that.  I don't want anyone joining a volunteer team at this time.  If you join, you are joining a planning team.  From start to finish.  If you can't make that kind of commitment, then wait, and join a volunteer team when it is time. 
  • lots of phone calls
  • lots of creativity
  • lots of emailing
  • lots of patience 🙂 

It is such a good feeling to put on an event like this and see the people that benefit from it.  Many lives have been changed from it.  Many good contacts were made for people, and diagnosises were even made from the event.  I don't want to make it look like joining the team would be all work and no reward.  It was very rewarding to serve on a planning team and see people enjoy it so much.  I paint this picture of hard work because I don't just want volunteers at this point.  I want people to make a serious commitment that can see this thing through.  We will be looking at planning another gala, expo with classes, and 5K run.  It was all so successful not to do the whole weekend again, but without people stepping up to help make this happen, we won't have another gluten free expo in 2013.  

Please consider it carefully.  Take a little time and see if this would be right for you.  It will be a lot of fun.  There will be obstacles.  But it will be great.  

Things do happen.  Some vendors didn't show up, we had corrupt files for a class which pushed classes behind schedule, someone had a heart attack at the gala dinner, and our main speaker for the dinner and one class for the expo got put in the hospital the day of the gala and was unable to fly in.  Things happen, but God is good and all went great despite our obstacles.    We were not prepared for any of this, but you will probably be surprised to hear that some of this went on.  We just had to keep on.  And it all worked out great. 

Again, please consider this carefully, but if you are interested, please contact me through the contact tab or email me directly.  No plans have been made yet for next year, so if you have contacts for a venue that would accomodate all events, that would be a start!  Also, if we are going to have this, we need to get on it!  We will need a different venue this year because we need to be able to let vendor sell their products.  This helps cover their costs of coming. 

Thanks for listening,  and thanks for carefully considering joining this team!

Remember that this expo is for our city.  Educating our neighbors.  Own it!

Not sure what I am talking about?  You missed the expo?  See what it is all about here, here, and here.


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