Triumph Dining Cards $10

This week from Gluten Free Deals

Eating gluten free in restaurants can be tough. Menus rarely list every ingredient in a dish, food preparation happens behind closed doors, and cross-contamination is a constant risk. Consider yourself saved with this week’s Gluten Free Deal: for $10, you get gluten-free dining cards, in 10 languages, from Triumph Dining (shipping not included).

These dining cards help you order gluten free at restaurants where language barriers can make things difficult. Simply give the card to the chef upon your arrival to ensure he/she is aware of your dietary needs. Each card takes the average chef just 1 minute to read and comprehend.

▪ Laminated and portable cards fold neatly into any wallet or purse
▪ Each set includes 10 cards: American, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines
▪ Helps avoid cross-contamination

You can go HERE to order these for yourself or a loved one! Also find more details!

Zing Bars $12 for 6 Pack Sampler Bars!

This week’s deal from Gluten Free Deals is 6 Zing Bars Sampler pack for $12!  This is  a 70% savings.  The price also includes shipping!

The Zing bar was created by a team of 4 nutritionists with both health and taste in mind. 100% natural ingredients and a balanced nutritional profile make Zing bars the perfect choice for a midday snack or energizing boost. Each Zing Bar features a balance of high quality, non-soy protein (10-13g per bar), fiber-rich carbs and heart-healthy fats…all in an ideal ratio for sustained energy. No preservatives, nothing artificial, and no allergy-aggravating gluten. But what about taste? From the organic dark chocolate to organic wild blueberries, these bars score top marks in the taste department.

You can go HERE to get this deal!

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If you haven’t signed up for Gluten Free Deals yet, now is the time! It is quick, painless, and FREE to sign up! What is Gluten Free Deals? Well, it is simple. You sign up with your email, then each week that they run a deal on a new gluten free product, you will get an email informing you of the deal. If it interests you, you can purchase the deal. So far they have been about 50% off the normal purchase price. This is a great way to try some new products for less than what you would normally pay.
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Gfree! Menu Solutions $24 for $49 Worth of Menu Planning

Through this week only you can get 6 months of gluten free menu planning for $24! Regular price on this is $49.

How will GFree! solve your nightly dinner drama? Their menu planning service will help you plan out a week’s worth of delicious gluten-free dinner menus and organize a grocery list in a jiffy. (View a sample menu) Whether you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac, have an autistic child or you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, GFree! will help you answer “what’s for dinner?” You choose your weekly gluten-free recipes and the automatic grocery list is tabulated. Shop once a week and have all of the ingredients needed for five meals.

How It Works:
* Each Thursday, 10 new gluten-free recipes are available on the site.
* Choose 5 from the 10 recipes and the grocery list will be tabulated.
* The grocery list is divided by grocery department and will call out specific gluten-free brands.
* Special tabs on the site include baking, desserts, dinner parties and snacks.
* Each month Gfree! offers freezer recipes. Cook for a day and stock your freezer!

You can go HERE to get this deal!

Gluten Free Deals Betty Lou’s $24 for $48 worth of Bars!

This week’s deal from Gluten Free Deals is $48 worth of Gluten Free Bars for $24.  This price also includes shipping!

This deal was posted Monday, but I have been out of power and phone, so there are only 50 deals left!  Hurry if you want one!  These are also certified gluten free.

Go HERE to get your deal!

Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Sampler Pack Includes:
2 Strawberry Fruit Bars
2 Apricot Fruit Bars
2 Cherry Fruit Bars
2 Blueberry Fruit Bars
2 Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bars
2 Coconut Macadamia Balls
2 Spirulina Ginseng Balls
2 Cashew Pecan Balls
2 Peanut Butter Balls
1 Almond Butter Ball
2 High Protein Almond Butter Balls
1 Organic Fruit and Veggie Bar
1 Organic Cacao Acai Bars and Veggie Bar
1 Chocolate Organic Dream Greens Bar
1 Organic Superberry Acai Bar

Liz Lovely from Gluten Free Deals $15 for $30 of Product

This week from Gluten Free Deals you can get $30 worth of Liz Lovely products for $15.

I have not tried these before, but they were featured as Rachael Ray’s “snack of the day” and “product of the year” in VegNews.  8 of their products are gluten free.  This week, the voucher can even be applied toward shipping costs!

Liz says that cookies are her passion, and it really shows. Every cookie baked at Liz Lovely is made from scratch. Her innovative recipes and artisan baking techniques give these cookies a traditional flavor and texture, without chemicals, additives, fillers, flavorings, or preservatives! Just good stuff you’d use at home. The Liz Lovely bakery is socially responsible, dedicated to excellence, and best of all: bakes really fantastic cookies! They don’t cut corners, and even use BPA-free packaging.

Go HERE to get your Gluten Free Deal this week!

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