Aldi Produce Deals Starting 8/3

Some of our favorite fruits this week!

Remember that these are really good prices on fresh fruits and now is the time to stock up!

I wrote a post on how to freeze fruits and vegetables here that you can read. 

Bananas .44/lb.

Strawberries .99/lb.

Blueberries .99/pint

Cantaloupe .99/each

Red Grapes .99/lb. ($1.98/2lb. pkg)

Aldi Produce Deals Starting 6/22

This week at Aldi…

Cantaloupe .99/ea.

Strawberries .99/ea.

Peaches .25/ea.

Plums .25/ea.

Nectarines .25/ea.

Tip:  My guess is we may be getting close to the end of strawberries being .99.  If you like to stock up and freeze them, now may be the time.  You can freeze them in pint or quart sized bags for smoothies, or to add to your muffin mix.