Aldi Gluten Free Deals Starting 2/15

This is a great week produce prices at Aldi!

Green Grapes $.79/lb. (2lb. clamshell)

Red Grapes $.79/lb. (2lb. clamshell)

Cantaloupe $.99/ea.

Grapefruit $.19/ea.

Bananas $.44/lb.

Navel Oranges $1.29/4lb. bag


Aldi Gluten Free Deals Starting 2/8

Bananas $.44/lb.

Blueberries $1.49/pint

Strawberries $1.49/16oz.

Tomatoes $.99/3pk. 24oz. pkg.

Multi colored peppers $1.99/3pk. 24 oz. pkg.

Atrisan lettuce $.99/per container



Aldi Produce Deals Starting 8/10

Baby Carrots .69/lb.

Green Grapes .99/lb.

Red Grapes .99/lb.

Valencia Oranges $1.99/4lb. bag

Bananas .44/lb.


Aldi Produce Deals Starting 6/1

Wow!  It is June 1st already!  Can’t believe it!  Well, here are this week’s produce deals at Aldi.

Bananas .44/lb

Strawberries $1.49/lb

Pineapple .99/each

Cantaloupe .99/each

Aldi Produce Deals Starting 4/6

I was really hoping they would have strawberries on sale again as I needed to make another run this week and haven’t had time.

Here are this wee’s produce picks

Multi-Colored Peppers $1.99/20oz. 3 pk.

Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach 90z. $.99

Pears 28oz. $.99

Oranges $1.49/4lb. bag

Bananas are always $.39/lb

Aldi Produce Deals Starting 3/23

I just love Spring!  I love all the fresh produce that becomes so much more affordable!

Pineapple .99 each

Navel Oranges 1.49/4lb bag

Bananas .39/lb

Cantaloupe .99 each

Strawberries .99/16oz. clamshell

Aldi Produce Picks

This week produce picks from Aldi are:

5lb. bag red potatoes $.99

Bananas $.39/lb

Celery $.69 each

Cabbage $.69 each

Aldi Produce Deals Starting 3/9

Broccoli .99/16oz. pkg.

Lemons .99/2lb. bag

Avocados .49/each

Navel Oranges 1.49/4lb. bag

Bananas .39/lb.

Aldi Produce Deals Starting 2/23

Produce this week at Aldi:

Little Salad Bar 10oz. bagged salad .99

Multi-colored Peppers 20 oz. 1.49/3pk

Mushrooms 8 oz. .99

Onions .99/3lb. bag

Roma Tomatoes .99/20 oz. pkg.

They always have bananas .39/lb.

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