Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour as low as $1.87/bag

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I am out of brown rice flour so thought I would check prices and found that Amazon has Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour for as low as $1.87/bag!  This is definately a stock up price! 
On sale for $8.80 for 4 (24oz bags)

If you choose subscribe and save, you get free shipping, plus you save $15% so your price goes down to $7.48 which makes it $1.87 a bag!  Score!


Gluten Free Pantry Muffin & Scone Mix as Low as $.64/box!

gluten free pantry

Right now on Amazon, you can get this Gluten Free Pantry Muffin and Scone mix for as cheap as $.64/box!  You buy a 6 pack for $3.81.   This is a STEAL of a deal!  I normally don't buy box mixes because I can make them from scratch for cheaper, but not with deals like this!  I just bought 2 six pack boxes!  Yay!  We should be stocked for a while.  Shipping is FREE with a $25 order.   You can go in with a friend so shipping is free! 

Bakery on Main $1.00/1 and See How to Get Free Samples!

Bakery on Main has a new $1.00/1 coupon available!

Bakery on Main is also now selling all their products on  They would love for you to leave an honest review of their products and as a thanks will reward you with free samples!

Here is how it works:

As a token of our thanks, we would love to send you a free sample:

*1-2 reviews: Free bag of Gluten free granola

*3-5 reviews: Free bag of Gluten free granola, 2 Gluten Free Granola Bars

*5+ reviews: Free bag of Gluten free granola, 2 Gluten Free Granola Bars, 2 True Bars.


After you have reviewed thier products, go here and let them know which products you reviewed!

Pamela’s Whenever Bars $.49/bar!

Amazon has a great deal on Pamela's Whenever Bars.  The Oat Blueberry Lemon bars have been marked down from $29.94 to $14.83.  This is 6 boxes of 5 bars each, so 30 bars and they are just $.49/each!  This is a great price on gluten free.  You can go here to get the deal! 

They also have Pamela's Whenever Bars Oat Cranberry Almond on sale.  These were also $29.94 and they are now $15.46 for a box.  This is 6 boxes of 30 bars each, so 30 bars that are $.52/each!  You can go here to get this deal!

Thanks, Gluten Freely Frugal!

Chebe Original Cheese Bread Mix $2.06/Box

Right now you can get 8 boxes of Chebe Gluten Free Orignal Cheese Bread Mix for as low as $2.06/box. 

Here is how:List price $31.99

Sale Price $19.36

Subscribe and Save $16.46

Makes it $2.06 a box

Subscribe and save is a program that Amazon uses to have you sign up for scheduled deliveries.  You can sign up for them to deliver every 6 months.  Then your shipping is free no matter the amount.   Once you receive it, you can go into your Amazon account and cancel your subscribe and save if you would like. 

Gluten Free Baking Classics

If you are looking for a cookbook, this is one of my many favorites.  It is one that I started with when we went gluten free and it has some of our all time favorite recipes in it.  It contains the all purpose gluten free flour mix that I use on a regular basis.  We love the muffins, cornbread, and cakes from this cookbook.  We have substituted many fruits and flavors in some of these recipes and it always tuns out so good!  For the most part the recipes are quick and easy to make.

This is on sale at Amazon for $10.44 right now, reg. price is $17.95

If you already have this cookbook, what is your favorite recipe?  We by far use the muffins recipe the most.  I have made strawberry muffins, blueberry muffins, choc. chip muffins, pumpkin choc. chip muffins, choc. choc chip muffins, & banana nut muffins.  This is making me hungry!  I think I will go make some muffins.  I have some overly ripe bananas to use anyways! 🙂

KitchenAid Mixer from Amazon $179.99

Whether you are just starting this gluten free adventure that you are on, or if you have been doing it a while, I highly recommend one of these! I got mine a year and a half ago, so a year and a half into my adventure was when I got it.  My husband let me buy it for myself for Christmas, how nice of him, right?   It has been probably my absolute favorite item I use in the kitchen!  I purchased the 6 quart mixer, just for my large family.  But this is a pretty good deal on this mixer.  You pay $179.99 and free shipping, saving $90

Any of you have a KitchenAid mixer?  What do you think about it?  Make your gluten free life a little easier with all the baking you do?

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