Moes now has a Gluten Free Menu!

Did you know that Moe’s has rolled out a gluten free menu?  Come join us this weekend at our gluten free social as Moe’s is bringing us some yum to sample!

Hello rice bowls!  I am really excited to bring this news to you!  We are always trying to find new places to eat out that are gluten free friendly.   Moe’s was one of the places we always used to eat at once a week  because they had kids eat free.     We are so excited because Moe’s has just rolled out their new gluten free menu!  (As always, you may want to speak with a manager upon your arrival to be sure your food is kept from contamination.)

Here is their mission statement from their website:

“Did you know we treat our food just like our customers? We’re always focused on the best possible option – from vegetarian to gluten to low-cal to ingredients without rBGH, steroids, trans fat or MSG.”

You can find all gluten free ingredients on their website and an allergy guide.

To find a location near you go here.

On a side note:  I did speak with the owner of our local Moe’s stores and she has a son with a severe peanut allergy.  She understands the importance of keeping the “allergens”  from contaminating your food and is working hard with her employees to be sure they are aware of how important this issue is.   She will be there on Sat. at our Gluten Free Social so you can feel free to address these issues with her as well.

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