Quick Gluten Free Pizza Bisquick Style!

I made my menu plan this week, but my week didn’t go the way I wanted.  I have had 2 sick children this week.  One on Sunday and one on Tuesday.  So, my Tues, Wed, and tonight’s meal did not go as planned.  The last 2 nights we have been on our own, cereal one night and french toast/sausage the other night.  Tonight I needed something quick, not the crockpot white chicken chili as I had planned, so I threw this together in about 20 minutes.  It turned out delicious and everyone wanted more!  Woo hoo!

GF Homemade Pizza

made with

This is one of my new favorite gluten free staples to have on hand!  We have made biscuits, waffles and now pizza!

I made the crust as directed on the box

1 1/3 cup of bisquick

1/2  tsp. italian seasoning

2 eggs

1/3 cup of oil

1/2 cup water

Mix well then spread on pizza pan.  I used a stoneware pan and dusted lightly with white rice flour then spread dough.  I didn’t want it to be doughy in the middle so I baked in the oven about 10 minutes until cooked.

Remove from oven and put your favorite toppings, return to oven and bake until cheese is melted and crust is desired crispiness!  It was very good.  Very filling.  I doubled the recipe and it made a little thicker crust and filled a whole stone.  This fed my family of 6 with 4 pieces left over.

We used black olives, pepperoni, ham, green olives, 1 jar of  Newman’s Own spaghetti sauce, 1 can petite diced tomatoes, drained, and mozarella cheese.


Special thanks to Gluten Free Homemaker for allowing me to share on her site!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Gluten Free Pizza Bisquick Style!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the sick kids. I hope you are feeling well. It’s nice to have a quick meal everyone likes that you can depend on. I’ve tried the GF Bisquick, but didn’t use it for pizza. I’m glad you hear you liked it. Thanks for participating in Gluten-Free Wednesdays!

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